AZPL Statewide Championship



Congratulations to Amado Martinez, William Weiss & Scott Hudson of Chicken Dicks from Jesterís Billiards in Gilbert!  They are your Spring 2016 AZPL State Champions and winners of $1,500!!  Finishing first in their division they started off in the 5th seed.  They defeated Pedal to the Medal, BOHICA, Dawnís Thois & Kathyís Boyz to take the hot seat at 4-0.  Facing off against Kathyís Boyz in the Championship Match it was all about the Boyz as they took a 30-10 lead into the 2nd round.  Amado got a win in but the Boyz went on a 20-6 run to close it out for the rematch.  After two games the Boyz were up by 1 before the Dicks went on a 30-13 run for a 45-29 lead after 5 games.  The Boyz answered with their own 30-15 run to make it a 60-59 Dicks lead heading into the 9th game.  Hopell Ampongan vs Will Weiss.  Winner take all.  It was a back and forth battle of shots & safeties before Will made his last ball and sunk the 8 to clinch it 10-6 and a 70-65 win for the Chicken Dicks! 

The fun began at Stingerís Sports Bar & Saloon on Friday night with 3 events!  First was the 8-Ball Break & Run Derby with 25 players!  In the first round setting the bar at 42 & tying the record was Frank Alvarez Jr.  It took a score of 9 to make it to the 2nd round and 17 players made the cut.  Frank added 2 points for a score of 44 to hold the lead.  Now the bar was at 24.  Of the 17 6 didnít make it.  Of the 11 that made it to the 3rd round Frank Alvarez Jr, Kip Anderson & Harold Lyons made it to the final round.  Kip finished in 1st with 15, Harold took 2nd with 6 and Frank had a score of -1 to take 3rd.  1st took $40 and $3 off their weekly dues, 2nd won $25 & $2 off their dues and 3rd took $10 with $1 off their weekly dues. 

Next up was the Scotch Doubles / Singles Tournament.  48 players signed up to make 24 teams to start it out!  Of those 48 players Skip Bales & Pete Williams took the Scotch side going 4-0 vs Sylvia/Donald, Will/Tina, Kip/Jason & Carlos/Brandon.  Once you lose on the scotch side you ditch your partner and flip into the singles side.  Losing his 2nd match in scotch Scott Lutz battled through the singles side early defeating Carey, Tina, Sonia, Jason D, Francisco & Carlos to team up with Frank Alvarez Jr who had to defeat Jason B, Harold & Brandon to set up the battle for 1st.  In the end the two teams decided to split the pot and call it a day!  1st place won $360 & 2nd took $250.  The battle for 5th place was a race to 2 between Brandon Hinners & Carlos Preston for $110.  Brandon won that battle! 

And lastly was the Wild Card Tournament with 8 teams participating in a single elimination race to 3 wins battle!  Of those 8 the Black Sheep of Jesterís Billiards beat out the Four Horsemen and Maximize the Fun before playing a 9-game match vs Just Wanta Have Fun.  In that match Tina of Just Wanta Have Fun beat Rhonda 10-7 to start it off before the Black Sheep went on a 30-13 run.  Tracy & Duane won a couple games 20-11 to make it a 50-48 Have Fun lead at the end of two rounds.  In a battle of the top female rookies Eva beat Tina 10-2 to start off the 3rd round.  Tracy defeated Rhonda 10-6 to make it a 64-62 Black Sheep lead heading into the 9th game.  Joel vs Duane.  Winner take all.  In the end Joel won 10-6 to give the Black Sheep a 74-68 victory and the 32nd spot in the tournament!!

Saturday it was all about the teams.  Thirty-two of them to be exact!  Opening the day at 9am were 8 teams vying for that 1st place prize!  Of the 8 Reconstruction finished highest with a 10th place finish!  Going on a tear through the winners side they defeated Mountainairre, Maralize Leguana, Fifth & Long, Travis Bickle, Curry with White Rice and Cash Money before being sent to the losers side by reigning champs No Name!  A nice 6-match winning streak!  They lost their 1st match on the losers side to Ballz in Hand which knocked them out of the main bracket and into the secondary bracket.  In that bracket they defeated Curry with White Rice and Beer Me before getting knocked out by A Few Sticks Shy!  Good for an 8-3 record!  Wild Card winner Black Sheep started off with a pair of losses in the main bracket before going on a tear in the secondary bracket going 4-0 before losing to Str8 Hustlin.  They finished at 4-3 while finishing in 16th overall!  Great job!!  Kathyís Boyz, which started at 11am went on a 6-0 run of their own before losing to eventual champs Chicken Dicks knocked them to the losers side.  They promptly defeated Pedal to the Medal to set up a rematch vs the Dicks, eventually finishing in 2nd place with $1,250!!  Third place went to Pedal to the Medal which won $1,000!!  #2 ranked team A Few Sticks Shy lost their first two matches in the main bracket dropping them to the secondary bracket.  In that bracket they defeated Tough Times, Str8 Hustlin & Reconstruction to finish in 9th place (1st in their bracket) with $350 & their weekly dues paid for the entire season!!  Longest winning streak on the losers side of the bracket goes to Ballz in Hand who defeated Maralize Leguana, Derailed Too, Derailed and Reconstruction before losing to Cash Money. 

Francisco Serrano of Pedal to the Medal is the Championships MVP going 21-8 while scoring 234 points, 4 30-point games, 2 8-ball breaks and 5 10-0s while allowing 89 points.  If 80 of those points account for his 8 losses those other 9 points were spread out over those other 21 wins for an average of less than half a point allowed per win.  WOW!  Only Anthony Beyale scored more points with 243.  Leading the ladies was Eva Monville of the Black Sheep going 12-8 while scoring 159, allowing 143, with a 30 and a match average of almost 24!  Chad Metivier continued this seasons dominance by shooting over 8 points over his career average with a MA of 29.33 while going 8-1!  Tara Negrin of Ladies & the Tramp was the womenís most improved shooter in the tourney shooting a 23.50 MA which was 3 points over her career average!

Career-wise in tournament play Anthony Begay jumped from 7th to 3rd All-Time in Power Rating, 8th to 2nd in tournament points, 5th to 4th in wins, 9th to 5th in 30s and from 8th to 7th in 10-0s this past season!  Now thatís impressive!  Tara Negrin passed Sandra Danielson for 5th All-Time in PR for the ladies.  Michael Kerin passed Curtis Elifritz but remained in 5th All-Time in PR as he surpassed 3,000 career tournament points!  Laura Boothroyd moved into 2nd All-Time in tourney points scored, passing Cathy Beyale.  Cecil Attson remained in 3rd but passed Mark Tomlinson who dropped to 4th in points!  Lynda Niichel moved ahead of Tara Negrin for 4th in tourney wins and passed Jacki Spradling to move into 5th All-Time in tourney points scored.  Chris Negrin dropped from 4th to 7th in career tourney points with Pete Williams dropping to 8th as the top 10 saw quite a shake-up!  Pete Williams did pass Cecil to move into 6th All-Time in tourney wins!  Darren Bradford hit 2 8-ball breaks to maintain the career lead with 25 in tournament play!  Eugene Hemphill hit his 20th to stay in 3rd all-time.  Anthony Begay (3) & Gary Wimmer (2) tied for 5th all-time with 17 8-Ball Breaks!  Francisco Serrano added 5 10-0s to jump from 8th to 4th All-Time! 

Thank you to everyone who came out and made this weekend a great one!  It is always great to see you all!  Thanks to everyone at Stingerís who did a great job taking care of all of us!  Thank you to Doc & Jen who helped out on Friday night!  Much appreciated!  And thank you to Tina who did a wonderful job assisting me all weekend!  I love you!  Hope you all have a great off-season and I look forward to seeing you all on opening night starting May 16th!! 


How teams qualify for the State Championship tournament:

32 teams qualify for the State Championships!  There are 24 guaranteed spots with each division getting a minimum of 2.  The remaining 8 spots are Wild Cards.  The top 7 teams out of all the teams that did not qualify for an automatic spot are Wild Card teams.  The 32nd spot is the Long Shot Challenge with it being awarded to one of the remaining teams that did not yet qualify.


The 2016 Summer State Championships 

are August 26th, 27th & 28th at 

Stinger's Sports Bar & Grill

10040 N 43rd Ave. in Glendale!

AZPL Spring 2016 State Champions - Chicken Dicks of Jester's Billiards in Gilbert - Won $1,500!
Scott Hudson, Amado Martinez & William Weiss
2nd Place - Kathy's Boyz from Stinger's Sports Bar of Glendale - Won $1,250
William McGavisk, Kathy McGavisk, Frank Alvarez Jr & Hopell Ampongan
3rd Place - Pedal to the Medal from the Q n Brew in Tempe - Won $1,000
Francisco Serrano, Laura Boothroyd & Harold Lyons
4th Place - No Name from Stockman's in Flagstaff - Won $800
Eric McKay, Kip Anderson & Gary Wimmer
5th Place - Dawn's Thois from the Q n Brew in Tempe - Won $700

Thoi Truong, Dawn Atokuku & Anthony Beyale

6th Place - Cash Money from Stockmans in Flagstaff - Won $600
Scott Lutz, Jr Jiron & Jake Jiron
7th Place - BOHICA of Stinger's Sports Bar in Glendale - Won $500
Chad Barber, Jason Burkhart & Steve Blackburn
8th Place - Str8 Hustlin of Tulane's Saloon in Globe - Won $400
Donald Hudgings, Jimmie Shay Jr & Mike Perkins
9th Place - A Few Sticks Shy of Tulane Saloon in Globe - Won $350 + all of their weekly dues paid next season!

Mike Krause, Samantha King & Nate Holliday


Friday Night AZPL Alumni Night

Order of Events:

AZPL Wild Card Challenge - Friday, August 26th @ 7:00pm

Reigning Champion - Black Sheep - Eva Monville, Joel Monville & Rhonda Day!

To win the Wild Card Tournament and become the 32nd team in the State Championships you must go undefeated in a single-elimination team tournament that starts at 7pm on Friday.  It's still 3 on 3 but it's a race to 3 wins!  Whichever team wins 3 games advances!  Final 2 teams play a full 9-game match for the 32nd spot in the tournament!


AZPL Scotch Doubles/Singles Tournament 

Friday, August 27th @ 7:00pm, sign up starts at 6pm!

1st Place - Skip Bales &  Pete Williams - $400! (split difference)
2nd Place - Frank Alvarez Jr & Scott Lutz - $300! (split difference)

3rd Place - Brandon Hinners - $110.00!

4th Place - Carlos Preston

Youíll play as a team on the winnerís side in a race to 2 (48-up 3) in the opening two rounds!  In the 3rd round the 3 races drop to 2. Once your team loses youíll ditch your partner and flip into a singles tournament in a race to 2 (26-up to 3) the first two rounds and follow the same pattern with the final two remaining contestants pairing up to take on the winner of the Scotch Side!  Final five players are in the money!  Stingerís is matching 50% of the pot!

No Limit on players! 

**Midnight Clause**

At midnight ALL races that have not yet started on losers side drop to 1 except for Championship match.

Sign up at 6pm, First round starts at 7pm on Friday, August 26th! $10 entry!



8-Ball Break & Run Derby Ė Friday, August 26th @ 7:00pm

1st Place - Kip Anderson - $40 cash + $3 off his weekly dues!
3rd Place - Frank Alvarez Jr - $10 cash + $1 off his weekly dues!
2nd Place - Harold Lyons - $25 cash + $2 off his weekly dues!

Players compete by breaking & running out the table!  Every player racks their own.  You get one freebie shot on the break meaning you don't have to make one on the break to continue shooting.  However, if you scratch your turn is over with 0. An 8-ball break counts as 20 points.  After that every ball you make counts as a point.  It doesn't matter what you shoot at - be it solids or stripes - as long as the 8-ball is the last ball.  Once you successfully make the 8 you'll re-rack the balls and break.  You MUST make a ball on this break to continue shooting.  Once you miss a shot your turn is over.  

8-Ball Break Bonus: If you hit (2) 8-ball breaks and NOT scratch in the current season you get double points in the opening round!  Your 3rd & subsequent 8-ball breaks are good for a free do-over.  Every player gets a free do-over in the opening round only. 

Points add up from round to round.  The bottom third of the field is eliminated after the 1st round, the bottom half after the 2nd round.  After round 3 only top 3 Advance.  Points start fresh at 0 in Round 4, the final round.

Skip Bales & Frank Alvarez Jr scored 42 points in the opening round!

Robert Berry sets record with 45 points in the 2nd round!

Ben Sutherland sets record with 54 points in the 3rd round!  

High score - Ben Sutherland - 78 points - Summer 2014

The top three players each will receive a credit towards their next seasonís dues. 1st Place receives 55% of the pot+$3 off their weekly dues, 2nd receives 35% of the pot and $2 off their dues and 3rd Place gets 10% and a $1 off their weekly dues!

There are 2 ways to become eligible for this event!

  • Hit an 8-ball break without scratching during the season!

These players have hit an 8-Ball Break this season:


  • Buy your way in!  $10 entry!


Saturday Matches Ė August 27th @ 9:00am

The 25th-32nd teams begin play at 9am!

Every team that plays in the Championships wins CASH!!




Sunday Events Ė August 8th @ 10:00am

Teams begin play at 10am!


The Summer 2016 AZPL State Championships

August 26th, 27th & 28th!!

1st Place $1,500!!!

Every team wins cash!


Tournament Start times

Start times will be determined shortly after the end of the regular season!

Tournament Match Results

Team Standings

Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA

Tournament Player Standings

Division Leaders

Men's   Women's
PR     PR  
Points     Points  
Win     Win  
30s     30s  
8 Ball Break     8 Ball Break  
10-0s     10-0s  
MA     MA  
MIP     MIP  

TMA is your True Match Average, it is based on your current and past performance in league and tournament play
PR is based on your performance computing points scored, points allowed, matches and wins
Points are your total points scored
PA is the number of points you have allowed your opponents to score
Scoring % is the percentage of points you scored compared to the total possible (out of 30)
P/PA This compares your points scored to points allowed
MA is based on those 9 games
W is your win total
L is your loss total
Win % % based on your current win/loss record
30s is the number of 30 point games you have
Winning Streak is your current winning streak
Current MA is your scoring average out of 30 points for the current session
AT MA is your career scoring average based on 30 points possible
MIP compares this sessions match average to your career match average
Matches is the number of matches played

Player Name TMA Team Name PR Points PA Scoring
P/PA W L Win
30s 8 Ball
10-0 Win