Congratulations to Donald Hudgings, Jimmy Shay Jr & Mike Perkins of Ballz in Hand from 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe for finishing ranked #1 in the league!  The went undefeated at 14-0, scoring 1,141 points and winning 96 while losing 30.  League MVP Ben Sutherland, Steve Blackburn & Chad Barber of Team FREE Money from Stingerís in Phoenix finished 2nd overall at 13-1 with 1,144 points, winning 102 and losing just 24. Harold Lyons, Francisco Serrano & PJ Jauregui of Good Times from the Q n Brew in Tempe took 3rd with a 13-1 record, 1,121 points, 100 wins and 26 losses. 

Congratulations to the first place teams this season: Tony Begaye, Nate Korey & Duane Etsitty of Alpha Cue Up from the Gopher Hole, Daryl Begaye, Bill Osterkamp, Mic Fenech & Lisa Tarlip of Chalks-A-Lot from the Windsock, Rick Albertsen, Justin King & Jimmy Shay Jr of Derailed Too from 2 Lanes Saloon and Amado Martinez, Scott Hudson & Will Weiss of Chicken Dicks from Jesterís Billiards. 

Congratulations to league MVPs Ben Sutherland and Laura Boothroyd from the Dead Strokers!  Ben had quite a season, going 38-4, scoring 403 points, allowing just 142 while shooting 28.79 for the 2nd best season EVER with a 11.983 power rating!  The fete earned him $450!  And to our division MVPs Flora Ben of the Northern Q, JR Jiron from Cash Money, Lisa Way of Wrack Em, Michele Miller of Bad Addicues, John Hall of Hot Shots, Kat Esparza from Huddle Up, Donald Hudgings of Ballz in Hand, Joenal Tolimao from Already Hit That, Fernando Prats of Boys Are Back In Town, Sandra Danielson from the Black Shirts & Eugene Hemphill of Shoot the Moon. 

And to the League Most Improved Players Darryl Ulibarri of Reconstruction & Rhonda Day of My Girls! Also congrats goes out to our Top Rookies in the league Ė John Hall of Hot Shots and Nancy Ann Kennedy of Rock Out With Ur Chalk Out.  And the Multi-Night Leader goes to Donald Hudgings!

Cecil Attson became only the 2nd player ever to score 20,000 points!  He also became the 2nd player to play in 900 matches.  Dawn Atokuku became only the 3rd player to reach 17,000 points scored.  Eugene Hemphill moved into 10th all-time in Power Rating passing Rob Turner.  He also went from 7th to 5th in career 30s with 156 passing Bob Campbell & Pete Williams.    And with longtime teammate Darren Bradford, the duo both scored their 9,000th points.  Just off the Top 10 in Power Rating would be Jim Green who scored his 13,000th point & Laura Boothroyd who just had her best season ever.  Jim needs 11 wins to become the 7th player ever to reach 1,000.  Doc Rogers needs just 9.  Matt Miller became just the 20th player ever to reach 10,000 points scored.  Steve McGuire needs 160 to reach the feat and just 12 wins to reach 700!  Joe Zack scored his 8,000th point.  Cathy Beyale moved into 3rd all-time while winning her 500th game and scored her 7,000th point going from 6th to 4th all-time.  She needs 3 more matches to reach 300 total played.  Eric McKay won his 500th game and needs 32 points to reach 7,000 for his career.  Sandra Danielson played in her 300th match and needs 1 point to pass Doc Rice.  Hubby Eric Sr needs just 10.  Pete Williams passed Chris Negrin to move into 4th all-time with 1,043 career wins and scored his 13,000th point.  Rick Meredith scored his 11,000th point and is just 90 shy of making the top 10 all-time!  He also needs 9 matches to reach 500 played!  Mark Tomlinson won his 900th game and became only the 6th player ever to play in 600 matches!  Tim Ashley won his 800th game.  Gary Hibdon became just the 14th player ever to win 800 games.  Eugene needs to win 27 to become the 15th.  Gary Wimmer became only the 20th player ever to get 100 30-point games.  Gary Hibdon needs 6 to become the 21st.  Darren Bradford became the 25th player to reach 700 career wins.  Eric Ely needs a pair of 30s to reach 6,000 for his career.  Carlos Preston scored his 5,000th point.  Richard Taylor scored his 5,000th point and played in his 200th match.  Richard Owens scored his 5,000th point. Anthony Begay needs just 13 wins to reach 600 for his career.  Tomas Messiah scored his 5,000th career point.  Terry Lemke won his 400th game and needs 134 points to reach 5,000 for his career.  Tony Begaye won his 500th game.  Les Bell needs 4 wins to reach 500.  Kat Esparza won her 400th game while winning her 7th straight MVP!  Fernando Prats is 5 wins shy of 400.  Rick Albertsen, Nathan Holliday and Joseph Armendariez all got their 4,000th point and won their 300th game.  Ken Holgate won his 300th game.  Carlos Preston and Chad Metivier are just 5 wins shy of their 300th.  Jim Shea scored his 4,000th point while playing in over 200 matches.  Justin King & Kevin Phillips played in their 200th matches.  Victor Vargas Sr, Eric Danielson Jr, Russ Winders, Kip Anderson, Harold Lyons & Eric Menard scored their 4,000th career points.  Amado Martinez needs 22 to reach 4,000 points.  John Watts & Walt Seng scored their 3,000th point and won their 200th game.  Jose Cardenas, Jimmy Shay Jr, Flora Ben & Darryl Ulibarri all scored their 3,000th career point!  Jake Jiron is 100 shy of the mark.  Ed Clark, Francisco Serrano, PJ Jauregui & DJ Powell won their 200th games while reaching the 100 matches played plateau.  Steve Blackburn won his 200th game this season and is just 4 matches played shy of 100.  Scott Elliott took the 9th all-time spot with his 12th 8-ball break!  Donald Hudgings scored his 2,000th point and won his 200th game.  Mike Perkins, Dave Webb, Albert Sanchez Sr, Sonia Boyd, Teresa Cluse, Nate Harney, Shawn Ashworth, John Visnaw & Sarah Wells scored their 2,000th point this season.  Lisa Way needs 110 to reach 2,000.  Dave Webb needs 9 wins to reach 200.   

Over the past few years Iíve heard the whispers all the way to blatant yelling of people playing below their level in order to circumvent the handicap system.  Fingers have been pointed and discussions have gotten heated as a result.  Over the years Iíve tried to find ways to address it to no avail.  The bottom line is if you set up a ratings/handicap system youíll always have people that try to circumvent it.  Many have said if you ainít cheating you ainít trying so I do understand that aspect of it but that is a negative aspect of the intention of the rule.

From the other side I hear that players have no need to get better if they continually get points.  Now I hear what you are saying but rarely have I heard a player say they didnít want to get better because of the handicap unless it was from that same tier of players once again to circumvent the system.

Starting in January with the Spring 2017 season players rated Ď8í or above based on the Arizona Ratings Committee will come in to the league with minimum values as follows and will not drop below this number:

  • 8 = 28

  • 9 = 33

  • 10 = 40

  • 10-1 = 50

  • 10-2 = 65

  • A few players have grumbled about their displeasure with the 8-ball break as being a luck shot, saying a player doesnít earn it.  While I have no intention of getting rid of it because I do feel as if itís a home run I do have a compromise.  Currently a player can get 12 points for a break and run.  Starting with the Spring 2017 season a break and run will be worth 15 points.  So there you have it.  Earn 15 or hit a homer for 11. 

    In addition, we will be returning to the point money format for all local teams.  You all pay in so you all will receive something at the end of the season.  Teams will win between twenty-five to five cents a point based on their final standings.  The #1 ranked team will receive 25 cents a point, the other first round first place teams will receive 20 cents a point and any other first place teams will receive 15 cents a point.  All other local teams within the top 32 as ranked on the AZPL website will get 10 cents a point and all remaining local teams ranked 33 and below will get 5 cents a point.  Once again, this applies only to local teams. 

    How teams qualify for the State Championship tournament:

    32 teams qualify for the State Championships!  There are 24 guaranteed spots with each division getting a minimum of 2.  The remaining 8 spots are Wild Cards.  The top 7 teams out of all the teams that did not qualify for an automatic spot are Wild Card teams.  The 32nd spot is the Long Shot Challenge with it being awarded to one of the remaining teams that did not yet qualify.


    The 2017 Fall State Championships 

    are May 5th, 6th & 7th at 

    Stinger's Sports Bar & Grill

    10040 N 43rd Ave. in Glendale!


    AZPL Fall 2016 State Champions -
    Team FREE Money of Stinger's Bar & Grill in Glendale - Won $1,500!

    Ben Sutherland, Chad Barber & Steve Blackburn!

    2nd Place - Kathy's Boyz of Stinger's Bar & Grill in Glendale - Won $1,000!
    Larry Eans, Bill McGavisk, Kathy McGavisk & James Main
    3rd Place - No Name of Stockman's in Flagstaff - Won $750!
    Mark Higgins, Kip Anderson, Eric McKay & Gary Wimmer


    4th Place - Derailed Too from 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe - Won $500
    Jimmie Shay Jr, Justin King & Rick Albertsen


    5th Place - Str8 Hustlin from 2 Lanes Saloon in Globe - Won $400

    Brandon Warren, Mike Perkins & Donald Hudgings

    6th Place - Coyotes from Stinger's Bar & Grill in Glendale - Won $300
    Walt Seng, Ben Tayallen & Rick Seng


    7th Place - Dead Strokers of the Q n Brew in Tempe - Won $275
    Laura Boothroyd, Chris Carpenter & Emmanuel Steele
    8th Place - Good Times of the Q n Brew in Tempe - Won $250
    Harold Lyons, PJ Jauregui & Francisco Serrano

    9th Place - Hot Shots of Barefoot Bob's in Prescott - Won $200 & NO WEEKLY DUES for their entire team this season!

    Ken Holgate, John Hall & Richie Daniels

    Friday Night AZPL Alumni Night

    Order of Events:

    AZPL Wild Card Challenge - Friday, May 5th @ 7:00pm

    Reigning Champion - Three Guns of Stinger's Bar & Grill - Dale Eggleston, Chad Metivier & Steve Salter!

    To win the Wild Card Tournament and become the 32nd team in the State Championships you must go undefeated in a single-elimination team tournament that starts at 7pm on Friday.  It's still 3 on 3 but it's a race to 3 wins!  Whichever team wins 3 games advances!  Final 2 teams play a full 9-game match for the 32nd spot in the tournament!


    AZPL Scotch Doubles/Singles Tournament 

    Friday, May 5th @ 7:30pm, sign up starts at 6pm!

    Ed Clark, Guy Martinez, Steve Key, John Ilk, Gary Wimmer & LeRoy Smith

    John Ilk & Gary Wimmer won $345 for 1st place!  Ed & Steve won $138 each for 2nd place.  Guy Martinez & LeRoy Smith finished in 5th/6th and took home $52 a piece


    Players team up in a blind draw scotch doubles tournament to start!  When you lose on the scotch side you ditch your partner and flip into a double elimination singles tournament.  The final two players on the winners side team up to take on the scotch winners.  The losers flip onto page two of the bracket for another round with those final two players having a shot at first!  It's a race to one every round. 

    No Limit on players! 

    Sign up at 6pm, First round starts at 7:30pm on Friday, May 5th! $10 entry!



    8-Ball Break & Run Derby Ė Friday, May 5th @ 7:00pm

    1st Place - Richie Daniels - $116 cash + $3 off his weekly dues!
    3rd Place - Pete Williams - $20 cash + $1 off his weekly dues!
    2nd Place - John Ilk - $74 cash + $2 off his weekly dues!

    Players compete by breaking & running out the table!  Every player racks their own.  You get one freebie shot on the break meaning you don't have to make one on the break to continue shooting.  However, if you scratch your turn is over with 0. An 8-ball break counts as 20 points.  After that every ball you make counts as a point.  It doesn't matter what you shoot at - be it solids or stripes - as long as the 8-ball is the last ball.  Once you successfully make the 8 you'll re-rack the balls and break.  You MUST make a ball on this break to continue shooting.  Once you miss a shot your turn is over.  

    8-Ball Break Bonus: If you hit (2) 8-ball breaks and NOT scratch in the current season you get double points in the opening round!  Your 3rd & subsequent 8-ball breaks are good for a free do-over.  Every player gets a free do-over in the opening round only. 

    Points add up from round to round.  The bottom third of the field is eliminated after the 1st round, the bottom half after the 2nd round.  After round 3 only top 3 Advance.  Points start fresh at 0 in Round 4, the final round.

    Robert Berry scored 117 points in the opening round!

    Robert Berry sets record with 45 points in the 2nd round!

    Ben Sutherland sets record with 54 points in the 3rd round!  

    High score - Robert Berry - 129 points - Summer 2016

    The top three players each will receive a credit towards their next seasonís dues. 1st Place receives 55% of the pot+$3 off their weekly dues, 2nd receives 35% of the pot and $2 off their dues and 3rd Place gets 10% and a $1 off their weekly dues!

    There are 2 ways to become eligible for this event!

    • Hit an 8-ball break without scratching during the season!

    These players have hit an 8-Ball Break this season:


    • Buy your way in!  $10 entry!


    Saturday Matches Ė May 6th @ 9:00am

    The 25th-32nd teams begin play at 9am!

    Every team that plays in the Championships wins CASH!!




    Sunday Events Ė May 7th @ 10:00am

    Teams begin play at 10am!



    The Spring 2017 AZPL State Championships

    May 5th, 6th & 7th!!

    1st Place $1,500!!!

    Every team wins cash!

    Statewide Standings

    Rank Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA
    Alpha Cue Up 1 0 1.000 87 8 1 0.889 51 13.65 87.00 96.67 51.00
    Cash Money 1 0 1.000 85 8 1 0.889 53 12.83 85.00 94.44 53.00
    Mountainaire 1 0 1.000 83 6 3 0.667 55 9.05 83.00 92.22 55.00
    Hot Shots 1 0 1.000 76 6 3 0.667 52 8.77 76.00 84.44 52.00
    Cover the Spread 1 0 1.000 75 4 5 0.444 59 5.08 75.00 83.33 59.00
    Straight Shooters 1 0 1.000 72 6 3 0.667 50 8.64 72.00 80.00 50.00
    Jesus Safes 1 0 1.000 60 4 5 0.444 73 3.29 60.00 66.67 73.00
    Jewbacabras 0 1 0.000 73 5 4 0.556 60 6.08 73.00 81.11 60.00
    No Name 0 1 0.000 59 5 4 0.556 75 3.93 59.00 65.56 75.00
    The Titanic 0 1 0.000 55 3 6 0.333 83 1.99 55.00 61.11 83.00
    A-Team 0 1 0.000 53 1 8 0.111 85 0.62 53.00 58.89 85.00
    Tony's Tyrants 0 1 0.000 52 3 6 0.333 76 2.05 52.00 57.78 76.00
    Rank Team Name MW ML MW % Points GW GL GW % PA PR MA Shoot % OMA
    Aces & Eights 0 1 0.000 51 1 8 0.111 87 0.59 51.00 56.67 87.00
    The Three of Us 0 1 0.000 50 3 6 0.333 72 2.08 50.00 55.56 72.00